Your Car Needs an Ignition Tune-Up if it’s Doing the Following

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Goose Euro is the best auto shop in San Antonio. You can count on us to tune up your ignition system right the first time. Check your owner’s manual to see when this service is recommended. Depending on the year of your automobile, it will need a tune-up every 30,000 miles or every 100,000 miles. If you fail to get the tune-up, you will start to have the following problems.

Rough Starts

Part of a tune-up service is replacing the spark plugs once they wear out. When the spark plugs are worn out, they cannot generate sparks to ignite the fuel and air that is found in each cylinder. Unfortunately, this can make starting your automobile difficult if not nearly impossible. You will need to have your car tuned up in order to restore your ability to start it easily.


In some cases, you will get the engine started if some of the spark plugs produce sparks. This being said, the engine is not going to run smoothly. Rather, one or more of the cylinders will misfire because the spark plugs will not produce sparks for detonation. Consequently, it may feel as if your car has the hiccups. The engine will stutter while you are driving.

Rough Idle

The engine will also stutter while you are idling. This rough idle is also a sign that the engine is misfiring. Specifically, that the cylinder block is misfiring. This can be a sign that your automobile is overdue for a tune-up or that the spark plugs have worn out prematurely.


In fact, in severe cases, your engine is going to develop a stalling problem. The engine may stall frequently after you start it or stall while you are driving the automobile. One of the most common times when the engine will stall is when you are sitting at an idle.


In addition to the above problems, if your vehicle needs a tune-up, it will have trouble accelerating. This is a sign that the combustion is being affected by the worn spark plugs. Each cylinder needs to fire in order for your acceleration to take off.


Finally, it may come as no surprise to you that all of these problems will make the engine consume more fuel. This rubs salt in the wound when you have to spend more money on gasoline.

Call Goose Euro in San Antonio, TX, today if your automobile is overdue for a tune-up.

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