Why Does My Engine Smell Like Maple Syrup?

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If your engine smells like maple syrup, you’ve got a coolant leak. Specifically, if your coolant contains ethylene glycol, this is what produces the sweet smell when the coolant leaks out of the cooling system. You may have a leaking heater core or radiator. The ventilation system can pick up this odor and blow it through the vents. This is just one odor your engine will produce when there is something wrong. Here are the other odors and what they mean.

Hot Electrical Wires

If you smell burning electrical wires coming from the engine or inside your vehicle, the electrical system is overheating. This can also produce a burning rubber smell. If the system overheats severely, you may end up with an electrical fire in the engine.

Rancid Eggs

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Rancid eggs mean that the catalytic converter is struggling to treat the hydrogen sulfide that is found in the exhaust. You will smell the rotten eggs in the engine and in the exhaust. You may also smell them wafting from underneath your vehicle.

Burnt Oil

Burnt oil can be a sign that you have an oil leak, that the motor oil level is too low, or that the transmission oil is too low. It’s important to check the oil right away to see if the engine needs oil added to it. It’s also important to get the oil leak fixed right away.

Musty Basement

Mildew can grow in the ventilation system. Consequently, the air that blows out of the vents will smell like a musty basement. If you ignore the problem, the mildew can encourage mold growth in your vehicle’s ventilation system.

Burnt Carpet

Let’s step away from the engine for just the remainder of the blog. If you smell burnt carpet, your brakes are overheating. Specifically, the brake pads have glazed. This could leave you with a vehicle that you cannot slow down and stop.

Burnt Paper

Finally, you may smell burnt paper inside your automobile if the clutch facing is burning away. If you have a bad habit of riding the clutch, it will cause the facing to get too hot. You may also smell this odor if the clutch needs to be repaired.

Call us today for a service appointment if you detect strange or burning odors coming from your automobile. Our experienced and certified technicians will find the source of the odor and repair the problem. You can count on us for all of your automotive service and repair needs.

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