What Will My Car Do When the Alternator Malfunctions?

Goose Euro is going to list the signs of a malfunctioning alternator below so you know what your car, truck, or utility vehicle will do. One thing that you should do is not panic. Replacing the alternator is a piece of cake for us here. We will have you in and out of our shop in no time.

The Accessories Will Malfunction

One of the first things that might seem strange is your automobile’s accessories will start to malfunction, slow down, and turn off by themselves. This is a sign that the alternator is not producing enough electricity to power them properly.

The Battery Light Will Illuminate

You may also end up with an illuminated battery light on the dashboard. The engine control module, your vehicle’s main computer chip, turns on this light when there is a problem with the battery or the alternator. If you drive an older automobile, the dashboard may have an ALT light.

The Battery Will Die Frequently

Another reason why the battery light will turn on is that your battery will start to die frequently. This is because the alternator is the electrical system part that keeps the battery charged. If it is dying, it may allow the battery to discharge until it is dead.

The Engine Will Growl and Whine

Your engine will start to make growling and whining noises if the alternator and alternator belt are having problems, respectively. It’s important that you head straight to our shop if the engine is making odd noises. The noise could be a sign of engine damage.

The Engine Will Smell of Burning Electricity

We talked above about how the alternator is not producing enough electricity. If it isn’t producing enough electricity, it is producing under 13 volts. A malfunctioning alternator can also produce too much electricity, which means it produces more than 14.5 volts. When this happens, the alternator overheats your vehicle’s electrical system and you will smell hot electricity.

The Engine Will Stall Frequently

Unfortunately, your engine may also start to misfire and stall frequently if the alternator is struggling to produce power. This is because the spark plugs get their power from the alternator so they can generate sparks in each cylinder.

The Lights Will Malfunction

Finally, you will start to have problems with your automobile’s lights. They may be too dim for you to see at night or flicker. They may also be extremely bright if the alternator is producing too much electricity.

Goose Euro in San Antonio, TX, is here to help, so give us a call today if you suspect you have a malfunctioning alternator underneath the hood.

Photo by ampols from getty images via Canva Pro