What Happens if the Driveshaft Is Not Lubricated?

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The driveshaft will start to squeak if it is not lubricated. This is just one noise that it will make. We will talk about the other noises below. It’s important to maintain the driveshaft because it is the drivetrain part that turns the wheels on your automobile. It relies on the transmission to provide the power to do this. We recommend that you have the drivetrain inspected once a year to make sure that everything is a-okay. If the driveshaft is not okay, you will have one or more of the following problems.

Undercarriage Movement

You will start to notice that you can feel the vibration and shuddering underneath your automobile if the driveshaft has a problem. Specifically, you have driveshaft parts that are wearing out. These parts include the center bearings, the driveshaft bushings, and the universal joint. As an aside, the universal joint is also called the U-joint.

Not only will the underside of your automobile vibrate while you are driving, but you will also notice that it shudders particularly hard when you accelerate. If you ignore the problem, the driveshaft parts will continue to wear out until they break down completely. As such, it is important that you bring your vehicle to our shop right away if there is movement underneath your automobile.

Undercarriage Noises

In fact, aside from squeaking, the driveshaft can also clunk or knock. When this happens, this is a sign that the U-joint needs to be replaced right away. If it is making a strange noise, it is really worn out. We can inspect the driveshaft annually as we discussed above and replace the U-joint before it wears out to the point that it is too loose and starts to make clunking sounds.

Another sign that your driveshaft is overdue for service is rattling or scraping noises. Again, these indicate that you’ve got parts in the driveshaft that are wearing out. For example, the center bearings can wear out and your driveshaft will start to rattle. Taking care of the driveshaft ensures that your wheels are always turning while you are driving your automobile.

In addition, as we mentioned above, the driveshaft is part of the drivetrain. The drivetrain contains many important systems including the transmission and your wheels. This is why we recommend that you have the drivetrain inspected once a year to make sure everything is okay.

If it has been more than a year since your last drivetrain inspection, call our shop today to schedule an appointment.

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