What Are the Different Colors of Automotive Fluids?

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We think it is a great idea to know the colors of the automotive fluids in your automobile because you can easily tell what is leaking out of the vehicle based on the fluid color. In fact, automotive fluids come in different colors to help you and us identify them. When your engine is cold, explore the fluid reservoirs to determine each fluid’s specific color. Here are the general colors below.


When you pop the cap of the windshield washing solution reservoir, you will see that the color is blue. Another automotive fluid that may be blue is the antifreeze/coolant. You can easily identify the color of your engine’s antifreeze coolant by looking at the clear overflow radiator reservoir.


You already know that motor oil is brown, so there’s no need to check that. Another fluid that is brown is the differential oil in your vehicle’s suspension. Finally, take a look at the brake fluid reservoir to confirm that your brake fluid is brown. As you will learn below, this fluid can also be red.


Clear fluid is just water. Usually, this fluid drips off of the air conditioner or out of the tailpipe. To play it safe, however, smell the clear fluid on your garage floor to make sure it does not smell like diesel fuel or gasoline.


You may have green antifreeze/coolant in the radiator rather than blue antifreeze/coolant. This screen will be a bright green that may have tinges of yellow in it. In fact, the green may be neon green.


Another color that you may find in the radiator is orange antifreeze/coolant. Hopefully, the antifreeze/coolant was originally orange. If it has turned orange, this is a bad sign. This means that the radiator is corroded with rust.


If you look at the fluid in the power steering reservoir, it should be red. Your transmission fluid is also red. As we mentioned above, brake fluid can be red. Antifreeze/coolant can also be red.


Finally, the last color of automotive fluids is yellow. Normally, yellow is reserved for antifreeze/coolant. This being said, brake fluid may look yellow or amber when it is new and fresh.

Check your owner’s manual to make sure you do not have any fluid changes due. If you do need to have an automotive fluid changed in your automobile, call our shop to set up a service appointment.

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