Signs Your Volkswagen’s Automatic Transmission Is Going Bad

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Many people prefer to drive vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions because they are easier to drive. If you drive a Volkswagen or another European automobile with an automatic transmission, bring your vehicle to Goose Euro for a transmission service every 30,000 miles. This ensures you never face the transmission problems we are going to discuss below.

Problems With the Gears

An automatic transmission that is going bad will have problems shifting the gears. It may skip gears as it moves through the gear cycle or hesitates for extended periods before shifting the gears. The transmission can also slip out of gear if it is in need of service or repair.

Overheating Transmission

A transmission that hasn’t been serviced when it needs it can also overheat. Usually, what causes the unnecessarily hot conditions is low transmission fluid or transmission fluid that is old and dirty. Part of the 30,000-mile transmission service is flushing the system and replacing the fluid.

Odd Transmission Noises

Your VW’s automatic transmission may also make strange noises if it is suffering. It may grind the gears as it shifts them or hum in neutral. It may also squeal or clunk. Any of these sounds are signs of serious trouble that need to be addressed right away. Bring your VW to our shop ASAP.

Leaking Red or Brown Fluid

The transmission can also spring a leak if it isn’t being serviced. Servicing the transmission allows us to check the hoses, gaskets, and seals to make certain they aren’t on the road to developing leaks. If you see red or brown spots underneath the center of your car, your transmission is leaking.

Dashboard Warning Light

The transmission may also send the engine control unit – your VW’s main computer chip – an error code if it is malfunctioning. When this happens, the ECU (as it’s also called) tries to fix the transmission. When it determines that it can’t fix the problem, it will turn on the check engine light.

Jolting When Shifting Gears

Your transmission also needs help if your vehicle jolts when you put it in gear or when the transmission shifts gears. The gear shifting should be smooth and silent. Any strange sensations or noises need to be looked into right away to avoid additional and unnecessary transmission damage.

Unresponsive Transmission

Finally, if you fail to service or repair your VW’s automatic transmission when it needs it, it will become unresponsive eventually. This means it won’t operate at all no matter what you do.

Goose Euro in San Antonio, TX, can inspect and repair your transmission if it is having any of the problems listed above. Call our shop today.

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