Mercedes Service And Repair

Mercedes Service And Repair in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for a mechanic who truly cares about their customers and truly knows the ins and outs of Mercedes Benz vehicles? Goose Automotive in San Antonio, Texas has got you covered! We specialize in the very best Mercedes service San Antonio has to offer!

We at Goose Automotive specialize in European vehicles like Mercedes. Our mechanics love euro cars and are some of the most talented Mercedes technicians in all of Texas.

To keep your Mercedes Benz running well, your vehicle will need regular maintenance services. We always go over everything a service includes and allow you to make the final decision on what gets done and what doesn’t.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best European and Mercedes Benz auto shops in San Antonio, not just because of our love of cars but because of our deep understanding of Mercedes vehicles and because our dedication to the San Antonio community.

Mercedes Benz A Service

The Mercedes-Benz A service is your first maintenance service, and most new car warranties require it. Despite popular belief, it is not necessary to bring your vehicle to the dealership. Instead, you are free to bring your vehicle to the trusted Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians at Goose Automotive.

Goose Automotive’s mechanics are people you can trust that care about you and your car. The Mercedes-Benz A service includes:

  • Synthetic oil change and filter replacement
  • Check on all fluids
  • Tire rotation and inflation check
  • Brake inspection
  • Reset on your maintenance counter

Mercedes Benz B Service

This service needs to be performed right around when your car has 20,000 miles on it. The B service is a more extensive service than the A service. The Mercedes-Benz B Service includes:

  • Synthetic oil change and filter replacement
  • Check on all fluids
  • Tire rotation and inflation check
  • Brake inspection and fluid inspection
  • Cabin dust and pollen filter inspection
  • Any factory recommended services based on your model.
  • Air Filter inspection

Mercedes Benz C Service

At 36,000 miles your car will most likely be about 3 years old, and is probably ready for the Mercedes Benz C Service. The Mercedes-Benz C service includes everything from the A and B services but also adds:

  • Check for undetected issues with a computer diagnostic
  • Windshield wiper replacements
  • Exhaust system check
  • And more

Mercedes Service San Antonio TX

When you walk into Goose Automotive, you’ll immediately recognize a difference. We care deeply about our customers and we do everything we can to make the experience great.

We will NEVER recommend any repairs or maintenance that isn’t necessary. We’re here to help you extend the life of your vehicle and to serve our community; not to try to schedule every repair possible. Also, if finances are tight, you can take advantage of our 0% interest financing options.

Because you’re busy and we don’t want you to miss a step, we make car maintenance stress-free by offering things like shuttle services, free rides to anywhere in the area, loaner cars, and we’ll even pay for your Uber ride from the shop if we need to!

We work around your schedule and have a 24-hour drop box and key lock if you prefer to drop your vehicle off after hours. Goose Automotive understands that you’re busy, but car maintenance doesn’t have to take a back seat because of your schedule. Let Goose be your wingman! Schedule your Mercedes service in San Antonio, TX appointment online, or call our shop today.

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