How Long Will the Mass Airflow Sensor Last in My Car?

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The mass airflow sensor should last for the life of your vehicle. Also called the MAF sensor, you might have problems with the sensor if it gets too dirty, which can happen because it is located behind the air filter. Goose Euro can clean the MAF sensor if it needs it. We can also replace it if it does go bad. Here are signs that the MAF sensor is malfunctioning.

Acceleration Problems

The MAF sensor’s job is to track the incoming airflow from the outside. The engine needs air in order to produce combustion. If the MAF sensor is unable to track the air, your vehicle’s main computer chip, the engine control unit, may add too much air into the combustion chamber. This will cause your acceleration to lag.

Engine Idling Roughly

The excess air will also cause your engine to idle roughly when you are sitting at a stop. If you believe there may be a problem with the MAF sensor, pay attention to how your engine is idling. If the idle is rough or if it sounds as if the engine is surging, the MAF sensor may need to be cleaned.

Poor Performance

The poor performance and surging can also manifest themselves while you are driving your automobile depending on whether the unit puts too much air or too much fuel into the chamber, your engine may sputter or pick up speed in spurts, respectively.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Unfortunately, this behavior will cause a reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage. The engine cannot run efficiently if there is not a balance in the chamber. When these elements are imbalanced, you will notice a reduction in your automobile’s fuel efficiency.

Dark Exhaust Smoke

If the engine control unit adds excess fuel to the chamber because of the MAF sensor’s inability to report the air correctly, you may end up with dark exhaust smoke flowing out of the tailpipe. This smoke is a sign that there is fuel burning in the engine.

Difficult or No Starts

Aside from all of the above, difficulty getting your vehicle started rubs salt in the wound. Unfortunately, a faulty MAF sensor can skew the air and fuel in the chamber so badly that you may not be able to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle.

Goose Euro in San Antonio, TX, also advises that the check engine light may turn on if the MAF sensor is dirty. Give us a call today if your vehicle is having any of the problems listed above.

Photo by Andregic from Getty Images via Canva Pro