How Can You Tell If A Car Has Been In An Accident?

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You can tell if your car was in an accident. You need to be able to spot subtle changes such as paint colors or damage to the suspension. Our shop has the expertise to provide pre-purchase inspections for any used vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Even if your dealer has certified the vehicle, we recommend that you get this inspection. A second set of eyes may be able to spot damage or other issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Examine for Fire Damage

We will inspect the automobile for any fire damage. We’ll also consider common causes of a fire such as a defective electrical system or fuel system leakage. We will also inspect the systems to ensure that everything is in order. We will notify you immediately if there is anything wrong.

Examine for Flood Damage

We will inspect the vehicle for damage from floods and mold growth. It is not a good idea to buy an automobile that makes you sick. Flood damage is another reason to avoid an automobile. This damage can have residual side effects. Even if your automobile is repaired professionally, the same applies to fire and accident damage. In other words, any type of damage can have a residual effect.

Examine the Engine

Before you buy a used car, it is important to inspect the engine. Every component of the car should also be checked and tested. The dashboard warning system, brake system, and navigation system should all be inspected. The vehicle may be used, but it is still new to you. It should be as reliable and safe as a brand new car. You can count on us to test everything to make sure they work as if they were new.

Run a Diagnostic Test

A pre-purchase inspection should also include a diagnostic test. The test can reveal problems that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye and may produce error codes. This test can either confirm that the vehicle is in good condition or indicate that it needs to be repaired. When we inspect automobiles before they are sold, we perform diagnostic tests.

Call us today to set up a pre-purchase inspection if you are interested in a used vehicle. This adds a layer of protection to make sure that you are not purchasing a lemon. Once you have purchased the automobile, you can also count on us for all of its services and repairs.

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