Exotic Vehicle Repair


Exotic cars – who doesn’t love ‘em!?!

If you have an exotic car, then you know how difficult it is to find a great mechanic. We specialize in Euro cars and are known for our depth of knowledge and skill when it comes to dealing with exotic cars. We know how to handle maintenance and fixes for your Ferrari, Lotus,  Maserati, or Lamborghini.

Goose Euro understands the care and attention that the supple leather, wood grains, and advanced technology need during servicing. What makes us standout from other auto shops though is that we care about our customers as much as we care about your cars.

Performance Services in San Antonio

Goose Euro uses distinct care when it comes to working on your exotic vehicle. We use factory equipment and digital inspection tools to accurately diagnose your vehicle, even when other repair shops can’t.

We use a special 32-point inspection to identify any services that your car needs. Our mechanics are some of the most highly educated and experienced mechanics in the entire southwest region. Our service advisors will give you the attention you deserve and will help you prioritize any repairs your special vehicle might need. We’ll never recommend services that you don’t need.

We offer tune ups, suspension adjustment, system repair, electrical system diagnosis and repair, and more. With our many years of experience and dependable technicians, your exotic car’s performance will be better than ever when it leaves our shop.

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Caring for your Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, or Lamborghini should be as easy as your car is beautiful.

We want to serve our community by making each of our customer’s lives easier. We know how important it is to be back in your vehicle quickly and we are very good at delivering our services on time.

We pride ourselves not only on the high quality of auto work we offer, but also on our first-in-class customer service.

We offer all of our customers convenience services such as complimentary vehicle pick you and delivery, free rides to home or the office, and loaner cars. You’re busy, but you shouldn’t have to reschedule meetings or call off work because your exotic car is in the shop.

Plus, our parts and labor are always backed up by our 3 year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. Let Goose be your wingman with peace of mind.

Call our repair facility or conveniently book an appointment online today! Goose Euro is your exotic vehicle’s dealership alternative in San Antonio, Texas.