Car Inspection Near Me: What’s Included in a Multi-Point Check-Up?

Regular car inspection is a must to keep your vehicle reliable. After all, even luxury and exotic vehicles will show performance issues and signs of wear over time.

You’ll want to head over to Goose Euro if you’re looking for thorough car inspection services in San Antonio, TX. We offer comprehensive multi-point check-ups to diagnose any potential issues and restore your car to its optimal condition.

So what’s included in this service, and why do you need it? Read on to learn more.

1) Engine Oil and Fluid Levels

First, our qualified and experienced technicians will check all of the fluid levels in your car. This includes the engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant. These fluids are often overlooked, but they are essential for lubrication and cooling in the most critical components of your vehicle.

2) Exterior Lights and Windshield Wipers

We will check all exterior lights as part of our comprehensive car inspection service. These include headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights. 

We will also check the condition of your wipers and their motors. Faulty wipers and dimmed lights are typical symptoms of auto-electrical problems. Our automotive specialists can fix these for you.

3) Suspension and Brakes – Car Inspection Near Me

These two systems are exposed to mechanical stress and friction all the time. Moreover, they are responsible for providing you comfortable rides and the ability to stop your car quickly and safely. Our car inspection team in San Antonio will examine shocks, struts, brake pads, drums, rotors, calipers, and related components.

4) Interior Lights and Dashboard Lights

After that, we’ll move on to your car’s interior. We’ll test all your lights, including the dome and map lights. They’ll also make sure that all of the gauges are working correctly.

5) Seat Belts and Restraints

Of course, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your car’s safety features. Are your seat belts in good condition? Will your airbag work in case of an accident? We’ve got these questions covered.

6) Battery & Charging System – Car Inspection Bandera Rd

We will determine whether your battery can hold a charge and your alternator is working well. If you own a hybrid, we will test whether your regenerative braking system is running correctly, too.

7) Undercarriage

Then, we will have a look underneath your car. This is to check for any leaks or body damage that might not be visible from the outside. Our experienced mechanics will also inspect the crankshaft pulley, boots, and bushings to see whether they are securely in place.

8) Tires and Wheels

Finally, we will examine the health of your tires and wheels. We combine thorough visual car inspection and digital tools to assess your wheel alignment. We will also replace your tires if their treads are worn beyond the prescripted depth.

Car Inspection Near Me in San Antonio, TX

Our comprehensive car inspection services cover everything from the engine to the undercarriage. So if you’re looking for reliable and thorough car inspection experts in Texas, head over to Goose Euro today! 

You can schedule an appointment online or drive by our shop at 1262 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228.